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Title: Crazy Love
Author: Francis Chan
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Title: How to Stay Christian in College
Author: J. Budziszewski
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Title: Reinventing Jesus
J. Ed Komoszewski
M. James Sawyer
Daniel B. Wallace
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Title: The Sacred Romance
Brent Curtis
John Eldredge
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Title: Hooked
Joe S. Mcilhaney Jr, MD
Freda Mckissic Bush, MD
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Title: sex is not the problem (lust is)
Author: Joshua Harris
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Title: Manhood Restored
Author: Eric Mason
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Title: Finding God Beyond Harvard
Author: Kelly Monroe Kullberg
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Title: God in the Flesh
Author: Don Everts
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Title: The Reason for God
Author: Timothy Keller
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Title: There is A God
Author: Anthony Flew
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Title: The Discipline of Grace
Author: Jerry Bridges
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Title: Bruchko
Author: Bruce Olson
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Title: I am a Church Member
Author: Thom S. Rainer
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