theMansionPurpose: helping people find their way back to God

Why theMansion?
Our Mission: to bring people back to God

Here at theMansion we recognize that there are a lot of obstacles to believing in Jesus. Some of them are external; radical skepticism, religious hypocrisy, scandal, fanaticism, political agendas, atheism and agnosticism.  Some of them are internal; fear, independence, guilt or shame.  Our goal is to honestly address those obstacles so you can come to know the real Jesus, the real Bible, the real Christianity, and then make up your own mind.  In today's world, finding the way back to God is hard, but you don't have to take the journey alone.
theMansion is a ministry of Shoreline Community Church and is focused on reaching the unique needs and challenges of the 18-35 demographic in the Santa Barbara area. For those who are turned off by traditional church, or who have had bad experiences with church and Christians, for those who believe Christianity is irrelevant to the modern age, theMansion was begun. Traditional Christianity has left many false impressions and distorted pictures of the real Jesus. Modern Biblical scholarship has left even more confusing questions about Jesus and real Christianity, including the identity of Jesus and the reliability of the Bible itself. We are dedicated to uncovering the real Jesus, the real Bible, and real Christianity in the midst of all this confusion. In the process we seek to help people find their way back to God. Join us at theMansion!
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